The Meadows, Edinburgh

The Meadows is a large park in Edinburgh which is lined with trees and covered in well-kept green lawn. It is split into several parts, but is chiefly divided into two halves by a road. On the upper half is an open golf course, free to anyone who happens to own their own set of clubs, and on the lower half you'll often find people kicking around a football (soccer ball), playing tennis on the outdoor tennis courts or playing croquet. There is also a playground for kids and it's a great place for walking, cycling, rollerblading and scootering as there are footpaths everywhere.

In August the lower half of the Meadows is over-taken by circus tents and a fair ground for the Edinburgh International Festival, and it is not uncommon to see circus performers practicing their routines in the surrounding grounds during the day.

We go to the Meadows almost every Friday or Saturday, when there is a visiting cheese van which comes directly from France every week. The van is called Cheasee Peasee and sells great French cheese at much cheaper prices than our supermarkets and at a far higher standard of quality too.

From the Meadows you can see Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh Castle and a bit of the Morningside area. In fact it makes a great spot to see the fireworks at the end of the Edinburgh Festival in August because it's such a large open space and there aren't too many people there. We went this year (2004 — see the picture us in our raincoats) but the view was obscured because of the Harr (a sea fog that affects Edinburgh every summer when the temperature rises quickly). We didn't miss out on the action entirely, however, as a group of drunken teenagers accidentally set a couch on fire about a metre away from where we were standing. Yves got a great shot of it!

The Meadows The Meadows The Meadows The Meadows

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